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Spring ’23 Newsletter

It’s been a busy start to the year and we owe it all to you.

Hi folks,

2023 is off and running and the pace is picking up here at Cleveland Music Co. We’ve launched several new pedals, are working with a new retailer and we’ve got even more pedals in R&D. We’re truly thankful for your business and your support.

Now on to the goings on … in our first newsletter!

We’re super jazzed to introduce three new dirt pedals to the lineup. These things sound absolutely awesome. And sure, we might be biased, but what a handsome bunch, eh? Expect more colorful designs in the future.

Be sure to follow the links in the pedal names in this newsletter if you’re interested in where the names come from.

Smuffle Fuzz

This launch is an update to the previous version, which was our first commercial pedal in 2022. Now with top-mounted jacks, new artwork, refinements to the circuit based on owner feedback, and a hefty upgrade to all the nerdy bits, the Smuffle is our flagship fuzz.

The Smuffle Fuzz is a smash-up of the most desirable vintage muffs with some oft-requested modifications: a less scooped tone stack (think: David Gilmour tones), and more clarity at lower gain settings. Add to that some criss-cross magick sauce to clean up the messy bottom end, and the Smuffle Fuzz is a modern muff without all the low-end hassle. Read more.

Old Stone Overdrive

The Old Stone Overdrive updates and supercharges the notorious green, midrange-humped stomp box that Stevie Ray helped make legendary. With additional clipping options, refinements to the tone stack, and modern EQ options, the Old Stone isn’t just another rehash: it redefines a classic.

At the moment, there are two artwork versions: a white enclosure with green printing, and a green enclosure with yellow printing. Both versions sound freaking killer. But going forward, only the yellow-on-green will be available. More info.

Flats Distortion

What if a Rat and a Mudhoney had a baby, and that baby learned new gain structure options, grew a tilt style Voice control, and dabbled in its teen years with germanium clipping? That rebellious kid would be the Cleveland Music Co. Flats Distortion.

We can’t stop playing this pedal in the shop. It is shockingly versatile. Learn more.

New Retail Outlet! Guitar Riot in Cleveland, OH

Guitar Riot is a brick and mortar store located in beautiful downtown Cleveland. They are right off the Superior Avenue exit on Interstate 90 in the historic Artcraft Building. If you are traveling through Cleveland please stop in and say hello! They are minutes from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Clinic, downtown concert venues, sporting arenas, and museums.

Guitar Riot specializes in the finest quality, hand-made electric guitars, amplifiers, pedals, and more. No joke: this is one of the best indie guitar shops we’ve visited in about 20 years. We are so mega excited to be working with them!

Check them out at

What’s coming next?

It’s safe to say there is enough overdrive and distortion in the lineup, so we’re moving on to reverb, delay, and fuzz.

The Salt Mine Reverberator circuit is out of R&D and we’re designing the artwork in the coming days. It’s a digital spring-type reverb with a mix and decay control. The EQ of the reverb is based on old Fender amp designs. So simple and sounds great.

We’ve also got a digital delay on the way: the Snow Belt Delay. Still in R&D, but at the moment it’s got mix, time, and feedback controls, plus a tone control for the repeats. Very handy. We’re experimenting with wacky modulation on the repeats, too … stay tuned.

Lastly for now, look for some cool fuzz pedals soon. We’re shying away from the typical rehashes of Fuzz Faces and Tone Benders, though. Sure, those topologies are inescapable, but when we put our spin on them, expect NOS transistors, wonky starve and bias controls, full treble-mid-bass tone stacks and more. Then, add to that: generous amounts of gnarl and snarl, wild squeals, velcro tones, and maximum spitiness. Fuzz is just glorious.

Assuming the supply chain for parts holds up, expect some new pedals to be released in early Summer. Probably around the time of the next newsletter.

Amplifiers and guitars are scheduled for late 2023 at the earliest. Look for updates in future newsletters.

15% off through March 31st!

Your reward for reading this far in the newsletter? 15% off at the online store. Just use discount code SPRING23 at checkout. Happy early Spring.

If you’re in the Cleveland area, though, you really should buy from Guitar Riot. Support your local music store! This concludes our finger-wagging.

Thank you once again!

Seriously. That’s a heartfelt thank you. When you buy our gear, sure, we make some money. But there’s more satisfaction in designing and creating music-making devices that incite your creativity or fill specific needs. Whether that’s in the studio, on the road, or at the dive bar on the corner. We are passionate about developing and building high-quality products at reasonable prices, and we’re confident you’ll find real value in anything with our name on it.

And thanks for subscribing to the newsletter. Expect to hear from us no more than once a month, but maybe a little less.