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Got a fuzz problem?
We’ve got solutions.
An unholy gnarl bomb of fuzzy buzzsaw bliss.

The Midgeapocalypse Vintage Fuzz is tailor-made for anyone who likes their fuzz gnarly, spitty, gated, and mean. The “Midge” is inspired by the classic FY-2 fuzz. It sports a distinctive vintage voice and tonal enhancements as modern as its looks. This one is not for the uninitiated. Learn more.

Classic gear. Iconic tone. Without collectors’ prices.

Cleveland Music Co. effect pedals, amplifiers, and guitars are based on—and inspired by—the most sought-after music gear ever created. All Cleveland Music Co. gear is expertly handmade in limited runs in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Music Co. effect pedals, amplifiers, and guitars are based on—and inspired by—the most sought after music gear ever created. Expertly handmade in limited runs in Cleveland, Ohio.

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True Bypass? Yes.
Class A Input Buffer? Also yes.

Choosing between the two is as easy as flicking a switch.

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Effect Pedals

From faithful or souped-up reproductions of the most popular effects of all-time to unique circuits inspired by the classics.


Straight from the schematics of yesteryear, using modern electronic components and hardware, and featuring handmade cabinets.

Electric Guitars

Bespoke handmade instruments paying homage to the timeless guitars we know and love—with just a touch of modernity.

Cleveland Music Co. Effect Pedals

Effect Pedals

Many Cleveland Music Co. effect pedals are small batch clones of timeless classics that fetch silly prices on the used market. But the lower price isn’t the only differentiator, because our versions are usually souped-up with additional features for more tonal options. We use new, high-quality electronic components, and we design and use our own PCBs. Our pedals are housed in industry-standard size aluminum enclosures featuring brand name jacks, switches, and knobs so they can stand up to the rigors of the road. Custom orders for clones of that hard-to-find or stupid-expensive vintage pedal you’re after are welcome!


Cleveland Music Co. amps are built from the tried-and-true designs and schematics of the golden age of low-wattage combo amps and heads. From “Tweed” to “Brownface” to early “Blackface” classics, we hand-wire our amps in small batches, and house the chassis in handmade cabinets with classic coverings. To complement our heads and the gear you already have, we also make extension speaker cabs in very limited numbers. We welcome custom orders for amplifiers or speaker cabs.

Cleveland Music Co. Amplifiers
Cleveland Music Co. Guitars

Bespoke Guitars

Handmade electric instruments in extremely limited quantities, made from raw materials—these are not “Partscasters”. We source reclaimed wood whenever possible and specialize in the most beloved body shapes and configurations ever manufactured. We only use high-quality hardware and electronics from boutique and major manufacturers. Because the environment is important to us, we try to avoid solvents and high VOC compounds and prefer natural oils or poly-based finishes. Cleveland Music Co. guitars are a labor of love; each year, only a handful are produced and those are mostly custom orders. But occasionally, you might find a one-of-a-kind instrument for sale in our online store.