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The Heights Dynadrive

The Heights Dynadrive is a great-sounding, medium-gain overdrive circuit that some people are saying emulates the tone of legendary Dumble amplifiers. OK, that was us. We said that.


The sound and feel of the near-mythical Dumble amplifiers in an affordable pedal.

The Cleveland Music Co. Heights Dynadrive is our tribute to the timeless Zendrive. While it’s a favorite of Blues guitarists, it also makes a great medium-gain rock-n-roll overdrive with a highly dynamic touch. And if that weren’t enough, the Heights stacks really, really well with many other drive pedals; try it before or after our EastSide Overdrive.


  • VOLUME: Sets the overall output level. There is quite a lot of output on tap, which makes the Heights a great boost option for stacking with other overdrives, or slamming the front of your favorite tube amp.
  • GAIN: Clockwise for more gain; counter-clockwise for less. The VOICE control interacts with the GAIN control, altering the available gain range. Pro tip: putting a boost or another drive in front of the Heights can push it even further into pleasing high-gain mayhem!
  • VOICE: Alters the available gain as well as bass frequencies in the gain stage. Clockwise for more; counter-clockwise for less. Experiment with the interactivity of the VOICE and GAIN controls; there are many sweet spots hidden in there!
  • TONE: A simple treble-rolloff. Clockwise for more apparent treble; counter-clockwise for less.

The pedal is housed in an industry standard size 125B aluminum enclosure with jacks and power on the top to help save space on your pedalboard. The aluminum knobs make the Heights Dynadrive feel rugged and refined at once. True-bypass or buffered switching.

Owner Feedback

“I used to own a red dot zendrive and always regretted selling it. I went looking to see if I could find any zendrive style pedals with input jacks on the top and stumbled across this pedal, glad I did, this pedal is awesome and sounds better than my old pedal.

-Skylar, CA

“Absolutely great pedal. Tons of headroom, tone is exceptional. I have never played a Dumble, I don’t think I would need to now. The pedal has that retro-hollow drive thing going on, crystal clear at any level (fingers, pick, chords, arpeggios all well defined), reminds me of what I’ve seen on YouTube of the J Rockett Dude and Wampler Euphoria clarity and definition at less than half the price. Same ballpark, I give credit to your build and your component choices. Exceptional. Exceptional value.”

-Jim, OH

The Heights Dynadrive Nerd Notes

  • NEW! Switchable between True bypass and a unity gain, Class A input buffer
  • Can operate at any voltage between 9V and 18V for added headroom
  • A rugged powder-coated, UV-printed enclosure
  • Awesome solid aluminum knobs
  • Neutrik audio jacks
  • Kobiconn power jack
  • Premium soft-touch latching footswitch (sourced from GØRVA Design)
  • Kemet/WIMA polyester film capacitors
  • Royal Ohm 1% metal film resistors
  • NE5532 operational amplifier
  • MLCC C0G dielectrics in the audio path (for the hardcore nerds out there)

The Cleveland Music Co. The Heights Dynadrive is handmade in limited runs in Cleveland, Ohio.