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Old Stone Overdrive

The Old Stone Overdrive updates and supercharges the notorious green, midrange-humped stomp box that Stevie Ray helped make legendary. With additional clipping configurations, refinements to the tone stack and modern EQ options, the Old Stone isn’t another rehash: it redefines a classic.


The mean, green midrange machine. Refined and redefined. Scream better.

Sure, this circuit has been done so many times that we’re all green in the face. A classic is a classic for good reason, but when a classic is a launching pad rather than a thing to be copied? That’s an inspiration.

The Cleveland Music Co. Old Stone Overdrive isn’t just another son or brother of the fabled Tube Screamer. First of all, the signature midrange honk has been tamed just a touch. And with true-bypass switching, 3 clipping options, a switchable Class A buffer, improvements to the tone control, and selectable pre-gain EQ modes, the Old Stone is more like a versatile distant relative. So, maybe a third cousin twice removed? We don’t know. We’re still waiting on the DNA test results. In any case, who cares? The Old Stone just screams better.

Mike Nix with a fire demo of the Cleveland Music Co. Old Stone


  • LEVEL: Sets the overall output level of the pedal. Clockwise for more output; counter-clockwise for less.
  • TONE: Adds or cuts treble. Clockwise for more treble; counter-clockwise for less. When in FAT mode, the Old Stone has a reduced midrange response compared to an original Tube Screamer. Also note that, depending on the clipping and EQ options selected, the apparent range of available tones can vary. With some combinations and rigs, you may find the sound you want at the more extreme settings of the TONE control; this is totally normal. The control is designed for interaction with the clipping and EQ options.
  • DRIVE: Adjusts the gain of the pedal. Clockwise for more drive; counter-clockwise for less. As you increase the gain, you may find that reducing treble on the TONE control sounds best, especially in the middle position of the clipping switch.
  • ASYM | SYM: Toggles between different clipping diode configurations.
    • ASYM is asymmetrical clipping. This produces what some call a slightly more open, brighter tone.
    • SYM is symmetrical clipping. This is the back-to-back silicon diode clipping found in so many classic dirt pedals.
    • BONUS! The middle position of this switch selects two red LEDs as clipping diodes. FAT mode is recommended in this position. Expect more volume and bite in this configuration, which transforms the Old Stone into a beastly boost pedal with the DRIVE all the way down and the LEVEL near maximum. Alternatively, turning the DRIVE up and the TONE down can give some sweet but transparent tones.
  • FAT | STOCK: Selects between pre-clipping EQ options.
    • FAT adds bass frequencies to the signal in the gain and clipping stage, which produces a warmer, rounder tone and a touch more apparent gain. Great for bridge single coils!
    • STOCK leaves the EQ as-is. The Old Stone is slightly less midrange-humped than a typical screamer-type pedal, but reducing treble with the TONE control might be necessary with some rigs.

True-bypass switching. Top-mounted audio and DC power jacks. No battery snap provided. The pedal is industry-standard 125B in size.

Old Stone Overdrive Nerd Notes

  • NEW! Switchable between True Bypass or buffered with a unity gain Class A line driver at the input
  • Can operate at any voltage between 9V and 18V for added headroom
  • Rugged powder-coated and UV-printed enclosure
  • Awesome solid aluminum knobs
  • JRC4558D op-amp
  • 1% Royal Ohm metal film resistors
  • Alpha potentiometers
  • Neutrik audio jacks
  • Kobiconn power connector
  • GØRVA Mechano 3PDT soft-touch latching footswitch
  • WIMA film capacitors
  • MLCC C0G capacitors in the audio path (for the hardcore tone nerds out there)

The Cleveland Music Co. Old Stone Overdrive is handmade in limited runs in Cleveland, Ohio.