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The summer of fuzz is upon us. Get cool.

We told you all about these three in the last newsletter, so we won’t go into great detail here. But in a nutshell …

The Bleepcakes Overfuzz is our spin on the mysterious Harmonic Percolator, featuring additional tone and wave shaping capabilities. With an adjustable diode lift control, you can dial in just the right mix of transistor overdrive and rich, harmonic fuzz.

The Midgeapocalypse Vintage Fuzz is tailor-made for anyone who likes their fuzz gnarly, spitty, gated, and mean. The “Midge” is inspired by the classic FY-2 fuzz. It sports a distinctive vintage voice and tonal enhancements as modern as its looks. This one is not for the uninitiated.

The Woollybear Fuzz is a creamy, squishy, Bender-like fuzz with external bias control and heaps of tone-shaping capabilities. With an all-silicon design for temperature stability, the Woollybear can go from thin, gated and nasal, to flat out thick and syrupy with singing sustain.

The first run of these pedals was a small number and they’re going fast! Check a Cleveland area retailer for availability. When we run out of stock on the official website, we will continue to take orders. The next batch run will be ready to ship by the last week in July. Thanks in advance for understanding!

New Flats Distortion Demo

We’ve finally gotten it together and started producing video demos. First off the pile is the Flats Distortion featuring a local Cleveland player named Brent Hamker. You can view the video on the Flats product page or on YouTube. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Before we leave this topic, it should be said that this first demo for the Flats is a bit unconventional for a pedal demo. We get that. You might call it as much a “branding piece” as it is a typical demo. Future demo format will change based on your feedback, so be brutally honest!

And be on the lookout for several other demos to drop in the coming weeks … including “demo shorts” for the new fuzz pedals.

NEW album Zealots from Crisp Johnson featuring Cleveland Music Co. pedals

Crisp Johnson dropped the album Zealots earlier this month, and it features lots of tasty instrumental goodness with a heaping helping of pleasing modal melodies, isorhythms, polyrhythms, and generally syncopated grooviness. It also showcases our Eastside Overdrive and Smuffle Fuzz pedals extensively: according to the artist, the Eastside is “used on every song”, and the Smuffle appears on “the majority of the heavy grooves and leads”. In many cases, these two are stacked together, exactly as they were designed to be used!

“I am still so blown away by the clarity I am able to get with the Smuffle, and I can get an amazing analog sound with this chain and even with the settings dialed back on pretty much all of the pedals. It’s not magic, but it definitely sounds like it.”

—Alec Newman of Crisp Johnson

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