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DIY Pedal Enclosure Kit

A 125B-sized DIY pedal enclosure kit, predrilled for top-mounted jacks. Includes all the hardware and PCBs you need to make your next build professional-quality and space-saving. Just supply your own effect circuit!


Download Enclosure Kit Build Doc

We’ve taken all the “fun” out of measuring, drilling, and wiring top-mounted jacks, power, and switching. You’re welcome.

This DIY pedal enclosure kit includes everything you need to build a professional quality, space-saving pedal enclosure and includes custom PCBs and premium hardware for all the I/O and switching components. And since everything in the kit is PCB mounted, most of the offboard wiring of a typical pedal build is eliminated. You just add your own effect board, drill holes for your controls, and solder just FOUR wires. Then rock out.

The circuit you add to the kit can be built on a DIY or third-party PCB, on stripboard, vero board, perf board, or even on tag or turret board if that is what you fancy! Just ensure that the total space required for your circuit in the enclosure does not exceed 58mm wide by 72mm deep and 30mm high (“high” referring to the cross-section view of your physical circuit.) That’s about 2.25” wide x 2.85” deep x 1.2” high.

Typically, PCB suppliers for DIYers will clearly state what size enclosure a PCB was designed for: this kit provides a “125B” enclosure, but PCBs designed for “1590B” enclosures will work as well (since a 1590B is smaller than a 125B.)

What’s Included

  • *pre-drilled*, bare 125B aluminum enclosure. It’s ready to paint or customize any way you see fit. You will need to drill your own holes for your pedal’s potentiometers, toggle switches, lasers, rocket launchers, and so on, but the audio jack, DC power, footswitch, and LED holes are already drilled for you.
  • PCB “daughterboard” for the audio I/O and DC power jack with support for reverse-polarity protection
  • PCB daughterboard for the footswitch, LED, and additional power filtering capacitor
  • 4-wire ribbon cable to connect the daughterboards
  • 2 Neutrik NRJ6HM-1 PCB mount 1/4″ mono audio jacks with dress nuts
  • Kobiconn 7620-E DC power jack
  • GØRVA Mechano premium feather-soft click 3PDT footswitch
  • 4k7 Royal Ohm metal film resistor (current limiting resistor for the LED)
  • 3mm diffused red LED
  • 1N5817 diode for polarity protection
  • TDK 0.1uF MLCC capacitor with C0G dielectric

So what’s left for YOU to do (once you’ve assembled the kit components)?

  • You will need to drill holes in the enclosure for any potentiometers, switches, etc. required for your circuit. Mount your effect board in the enclosure as you normally would.
  • Then just wire your circuit’s FX IN, FX OUT, +9V, and GROUND connections to the switching daughterboard on the provided solder pads.
  • That’s it.
  • Seriously.

NOTE: Cleveland Music Co. can only offer very limited support for this kit. If you know what you’re doing, you won’t even need to look at the instructions, but if you’re new to DIY pedal building and need some help, fret not: there are lots of communities on the Interwebs that will likely be more responsive to general questions than we can be. Cheers!